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"Waiting for…" modal dialog

zong 3G internet packages,Really useful, thank you!,Very good.. it helped me a lot!! thanks!!,This code seems to be different from the one you provided in your github because this code works fine in mobile environments and the code in your github doesn’t.,iwant run this code on ajax update progress This code is not working for me<asp:updateprogress id=”UpdateProgress2″ runat=”server”> <progresstemplate>, <img alt=”” class=”style14″ src=”images/load.gif” height=”30px” width=”30px”/> <script type=”text/javascript”>, $(document).ready(function () {; setTimeout(function () { waitingDialog.hide(); }, 1000);, }); </script> </progresstemplate> </asp:updateprogress>,This is exactly what ive been looking for. Thank you. Is there any way to get this to trigger only after the form if valid?,This code does not work for me?,This was great; thanks a lot Man.,This code is not working for me,Please refer to the github repo. It might help,how can i implement in master page so user click link menu the modal appear ?,Splendid! Just what I needed! Easy to use, Beautiful, elegant… Thank you very much for this!,Behzad, your issue is resolved….,brongs, Zachary Nagler, can you be more specific, some code will help.,How do I apply a theme like the example ones? I loaded the theme’s CDN but it didn’t work.,still not working?,Read the Bootstrap manual Behzad:…,$(‘#myModal’).on(‘’, function (e) { // do something…}),hi, can we make the dialog box close when the download progress done??,no but you can do is close is on the js json success response,How we can add callback function to this? when I run `waitingDialog.hide();`, I want to `alert(‘1’);` after it’s gone hidden.,waitingDialog.hide();Alert(1);,=P,The author is ehpc

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