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Vertical Affix Menu [CSS only]

Thanks for your contribution, but there seems to be an issue with the sidebar-nav and the correct display of toggles (arrows) and the badge (number). The sidebar has 100% width and stretches across the whole browser window! Since the arrows/badge are pulled to the right side, they are underneath the main content area. Good for mobile and small screens, but not correct for normal display widths.Can this be fixed?,hmm, I had the same issue here, couldn’t fix it and keep that f***** menu fixed; so I had to change the sidebar-nav position from Fixed to relative, now it displays the toggles and badges, Hope that helps,.sidebar-nav{ position:relative; width: 100%; border-right: 4px solid #aaa; },Thanks…, but the actual idea is to have the sticky effect.,Keep the collapsed menu fixed,just add navbar-fixed-top<div class=”navbar navbar-default navbar-fixed-top” role=”navigation”>,Hi, I want to know how I charge the content of any link in the same place that you named “Navigation”? Thanks,Is hat possible to make one sub menu open by default?,Hi JiPeng,,You can replace, for example:<div class=”collapse” id=”toggleDemo2″ style=”height: 0px;”>by <div id=”toggleDemo2″ style=”height: auto;”>And the second toogle will be open,I hope this will help you,any reason why you have the,.affix-row, .affix-container, .affix-content {,overflow:scoll;}with the html,body{ overflow:hidden;},it makes for double scroll bar.,would it not be easier to just have th e.sidebar-nav{position:fixed; width:100%;},I’m curious about this, too.,I really don’t remember why i did it but going to fix it, thanks for your comment,Thank you for such useful snippet! Any IE support? ie8?,only been tested on google chrome, it could have some bugs on IE,The author is iosdsv

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