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User Profile Sidebar

Hi!Who knows how to make a fixed profile-sidebar? Thanks,having the same problem,i wonder how can someone actually copyright a html code.,you know the sources are from a premium theme on themeforest right? i am sure you do not have the rights to even share this code or snippet as its part of the theme and is not allowed to be shared without permission by the creator. which means this snippet and possibly others like this one is copyright infringed. I won’t be using it at all. as i do not need something it is copyrighted and stolen,The thing is that keen themes has a lot of their own premium themes and it could very well be their own content. ,What’s the theme? Could you please provide a link here?,… check this snippet tho i don’t think it was posted by the actual author tho.,i have contacted the author of flatlab which is vectorlab,Original theme:… or… ( actual snippet came from),vectorlab:,”Hi, Thanks for noticing this. No we didn’t post this. Its totally illegal even they are not take a permission. We’re gonna report regarding this.,thx”,it was not approved by them. they would like for that snippet to be removed.,…,they know its added here.,Keenthemes replied:…, keenthemes,Hi ,,Yes, those snippets are posted by us with a link to our premium theme Metronic. If you need any further clarifications please let us know.,Thanks.,The links don’t work though?,I like it, it’s simple but to the point and not trying to oversell itself very good job on this snippet.,The author is keenthemes

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