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Triangle Breadcrumbs Arrows

This is not compatible with IE8. Any workaround for that?,This is great, thanks.,How do you do this with a custom color ie @brand-primary: rgba(244, 79, 154, 1);?,Particularly the : .btn-breadcrumb .btn.btn-warning:not(:last-child):after,sections?Do you have a LESS stylsheet for it?,Thank you,Hi!This snippet is superawesome but I would like to play with the less version of the styles. Is it possible?Thanks!,Looks weird once you change the themes., due to change in the btn background!!,Hi.Thanks for this.When you zoom in on this page, it messes up the triangles. Does anyone know of a way to avoid this?,dont know why but primary look weird on my website,How to make it compatible with bootstrap theme?,I had to add a ‘&& nbsp’ (single ampersand of course) after the home icon on each example in order for the home link to appear as tall as the text links.,The last item needs some margin-left fix, other wise the left border of last item is visiblepossible fix.btn-breadcrumb .btn:last-child {margin-left:0px;},Nice Job, by the way :),active ….,Hi.It doesn’t seem to be compatible with bootstrap-theme.css.,It it possible to make it compatible?Nice job by the way.,Nice. Is it cross browser ?,The author is nickdecorte

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