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Toggle navbar

any reason as to why the “Search” animation doesn’t display when i’m implementing the html and CSS code? – it doesn’t appear to do anything when clicked. Am i missing something?,It works for me. I am using Chrome,Can you have more than 1 clickable secondary navigation, and will it cause issues with scaling on mobile devices being that the grid is only one column wide? This is an awesome implimentation of the navbar.,So simple, so awesome! ;),Of course you created something wonderful again! I added a nice slide down animation here:…,Keep up the wonderful design work, can’t wait to see what else you create.,What does it do beyond the built-in NavBar? I’m sure I’m missing something, but I’m not getting what the ‘Toggle’ part of the name means…,Click on the last item in the nav bar, it is basically a toggle for a secondary navigation,Thanks. Like I said, I’m was sure I was missing something.,Awesome stuff!!,Awesome!,Very nice!,This appears to be the exact same nav that mouse0270 uploaded –…. Who is the real OP??,Hi @larssonk:disqus thank you for notice this, but I would like to point out that @maridlcrmn is a very talented designer and her was the first one. I adjusted it to have an a smoother slide down animation. Bootsnipp isn’t designed very well for creators and users. It is hard to tell if something was forked, where it was forked from and who made the very original. However, if you ever see this come up you can often times click on the gear icon and then see if it says “Forked From” you should be able to use this feature to go back to the original poster. But keep in mind this feature was not built with the best user experience in mind.,Thanks for the info!,The author is maridlcrmn

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