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Timeline 2.1 with images and responsive

Hi all, please how i can install this? thx,????????????????????????,Awesome snippet! Nice job It I will be using it for definite.,Thank you for a great work! I’m trying to use in one of the projects for my client. Here are some sample pages where I’m using this.,,…,If you notice after 5th timeline node the 6 & 7 are not in order ( in terms of just the real estate area where they appear). I tried few things but no luck. What am I missing?,Thank you! I am using this, already. :),I would use this, but Facebook patented their timeline. So if you got big Facebook could sue you for using this.,I believe Facebook’s patent is very very specific, not just any “timeline” design. Could you post a link to the patent? I remember it being explicitly for social feed and not just for any list that looks like a sequence of events.,Facebook’s Patent link:…,Thanks! Looking at the patent, it is very specifically for a social network timeline, with much more details than just any chronological list of things. I believe a chronological list like this snippet doesn’t equal to the information in the patent. Where’s the social aspect of the snippet, where is the backend service, etc etc.,hey now plzz tell me, using it will break the patient or not?,awesome sir SrPatinhas, i really appreciate your work. i’m going to use this in my project. so thank you very much for this great snippet.,I’m using this for sure! GREAT work!,Nice job I wanted to do this myself but didn’t know enough. Thanks!,The author is SrPatinhas

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