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Svbtle Inspired Menu

I have a problem when adding Select2, Select2 not perform well, There is a solution?,Bravo,Seems slow to respond for me.,Great!! I got to use on my project. =),Better use ” nav.animate { ” instead of just ” nav { ” in the css file on line 49. This way you can use other standard navbars, too ;),Nice, but mystery menus are not really a good idea in the long-run.,Absolutely agree. Svbtle is not a very good site in terms of user design.,I just noticed that I think I agreed with myself. =D,Great ! Too Bad It’s not working on my mobile Browser (HTC One M8),I think this snippet hates me. Does the menu open when you click on the link but not close or does it not even open?,It works on my galaxy note 3. But I do have to hold down the icon for about 1.5 seconds first. It hides correctly when tapping outside the vmenu,So I need to buy a mac and an android… Website development is far from cheap. haha. Thank you everyone who has been letting me know what is wrong with this. I am happy to fix the issues to the best of my ability.,It doesn’t even show up,I am wondering if this has anything to do with me using a fixed div within a fixed div? Maybe it is the same issue I am getting from safari on a mac. Does it work now?,The menu does not appear at all (no icon either) in Safari Version 8.0 (10538.43.40). I had to load Chrome 37 to see it.,Are you using a mac?,Safari is only on the Mac. 8.0 is the new beta version in Yosemite.,Safari is also available for windows (…. I keep getting reports of this issue, but it seems to work on the safari I have access to. I do not own a mac so I am not sure how to debug and fix the issue. Sorry., is your friend – or one of their competitors,I have a hard time to justify paying for app that allows me to test freely shared code snippets. I would love to offer support for browsers and systems I don’t own. I have used apps like when I use professionally designed apps, but my primary job is not website design and mostly do this out of interest. I wish I found someone who offered a similar service for free, but I understand why they dont.,In a lot of ways I think this menu is actually better than the one you tried to mimick, I find this a lot more smooth and natural to work with.,Thank you! That is amazing to hear.,Cool snippeted thanks =),The author is mouse0270

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