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Stylish Sliders/Range Selectors!

How can i add a label for the slider with <label…>,I love them only hated that you used a onchange for it, i’m using these on a website now but wanted the values to change while moving the slider.So i wrote some custom JQuery to do this:, $(‘input[name=”range”]’).on(“change mousemove”, function() { $(this).next().html($(this).val() + ‘%’); });,I will definitely favorite this snippet ! Thanks for building it !!!,The classic way to do this is to use “oninput” instead of “onchange”.And yes, I tried it in FF, chrome…,Looks even great in old SAFARI 5.1 !,not working in IE latest,I really didn’t think it would work in older versions IE, but I hoped it would have at least worked in IE11,Works with Chrome and Safari on Mac OS X 10.9,Firefox doesn’t style the actual ranges though.,Yeah, I tried to add the code, that was supposed to make it support Firefox, but it appears I either did it wrong or Firefox wont let me style it. :(,itโ€™s ::moz-range-thumb there,Those are sliders not range selectors. ๐Ÿ™‚ But great work!,I called them a range selector due to the fact this is what HTML5 calls them. Take a look at the html, the type is “range”. I do understand what you mean though.,The author is mouse0270

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