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Social-network style lightbox
Demo… is a dead link btw, not a big deal, just so you know.,hi there is a function that I can close that window,hey, im beginner in bootstraphow to make this lightbox without modal ?,cross button is not working …,This is what I was looking for!! Thanks a ton mate :),how to make this popup,i just come here to read comments.,OK,We cannot see all comments and add a comment on a smartphone. We can’t scroll.,Rly Cool!! Thanks!Hey i miss the “username” in comments,Something like the current version look OK?,Hell yeah! Thanks :D,Any chance for a fully-responsive version like Instagram’s,It’s responsive isn’t it?,I’m two years late to the party.. I might update this snip one day, but if anyone else was wondering play around with something like,.modal-content { border-radius: 0; max-height: 100%; overflow-y: auto;},The author is texh

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