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Demo – This is what I get… what am I doing wrong?,thanks. it is a great one.,You’ll have to excuse my noobishness.,I’d like to use this snippet and have already put the code in place on my test server and it works. =) Although I have no idea where those numbers are coming from!,So, where do those numbers come from?Where are they stored?Can you set an initial value? (if not no big thing),I’m new to the bootstrap thing so I’m trying things out hit and miss to see how they work and interact. Any help is greatly appreciated!,What may be confusing you is that the graphic shows 2078 followers / likes etc. but the html shows 1000. I assume the graphic is being generated by a different piece of html.,Anyway, what you need to know – and apologies if you do already – is that bootsnipps almost always showcase the design and don’t include backend functionality. i.e. the web designer makes it look pretty but it’s the the programmer who makes it work.,In this particular case you’d need a backed programming language, PHP for example, to query facebook / flicker etc. first, to determine the numbers to display. PHP would then generate the html with the appropriate numbers included.,Gotcha! I know PHP, not a super pro but I get along! =) This gives me a direction to go in!,The numbers are the ones that are “1000” in the HTML code. Enjoy!,Excelleng work!,great job, thank you,great. thanks,The author is BhaumikPatel

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