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Simple Navbar Search

Does anyone have a bootstrap 4 version of this please,,If you guys notice, hovering over Brand doesn’t work.… to solve this issue. Hope it will help :),very nice,could somebody fix this one does not work for 3.2 bootstrap because they changed it…,#12759: Make input groups in inline forms use display: table-cell so they are sized properly and appear on the same line as intended.,what do you mean?,try it with 3.2 and see does it work ok,Yeah. Just tried. The layout is all messed up. I don’t know how to fix. it’s a pity. good snippet btw,I also like it very effective way to save space especially on mobile but it has own disadvantages… it is not obvious for users what to do you have to style it a bit more to make it functionally understandable,how can i change the search input width??? I dint want it gives all width of nav when I click on search button? thanks,Not bad!,very nice!,The author is mouse0270

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