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Javascript doesn’t work!,@disqus_udeYR8WRAq:disqus just put the js as it is in your .js-file.Do not wrap at in a document.ready,I tried to start the js like this but it does not work.,$( document ).ready(function() {,$(function () {, $(‘.navbar-toggle-sidebar’).click(function () {, $(‘.navbar-nav’).toggleClass(‘slide-in’);, $(‘.side-body’).toggleClass(‘body-slide-in’);, $(‘#search’).removeClass(‘in’).addClass(‘collapse’).slideUp(200);, });, $(‘#search-trigger’).click(function () {, $(‘.navbar-nav’).removeClass(‘slide-in’);, $(‘.side-body’).removeClass(‘body-slide-in’);, $(‘.search-input’).focus();, });, });, });,$(function () {,});,Is the shorthand version of document.ready,Js does not work for me why?,Keren. Simpel.,The author is gravitano

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