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how to move center??,@maxsurguy:disqus thank you very much! but just a question – in order to choose a birthday- year, day, country and more- do I have to write a whole list of options manually in the html?,thanks for sharing this. how we have to choose birthday, i mean there is noting to choose?i just start to learn, thank you,nice,What is the file css’name?,cool… registration form,thank you very much..youre saving my time..,I love this… am trying to integrate bootstrap 3.0 into liferay framework.. hard for me,That is awesome. How can I move it where ever I want to? Let’s say to right,Do you have the full CSS ? I’m trying to adapt to a WordPress theme. The call to the bootsnipp css is not an option.. :-(,Just include Bootstrap 3.0.0 Css from and then the code that’s in the snippet. Let me know if you have any more questions!,The labels are not visible in IE 8 or 9. :(,You might want to use placeholder polyfill for that : try http://jamesallardice.githu…,Perfect! :),The author is BhaumikPatel

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