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Shopping Cart BS 3

Awesome snippet!,Maybe only show the remove button text if greater than mobile display and only show icon? (use hidden-xs class on the text)Otherwise pretty sweet!,Hi, great idea but this snippet isn’t responsive at all… I mean, I basically tried seeing what it looks like when used on devices with a max-width of 400px and it just breaks apart. I do think you should revise your code as there are better ways to make this work for all devices!,I agree, beautiful snippet but can someone make it responsive 🙂 I’ll crack at it. What does one do if they improve an existing snippet? (noob question, sorry),Be sure to update the community if/when you get to make it responsive… Would love to see that happen! *wink*,thats awesome…..thanks ametellanes n bootsnipp,The author is amatellanes

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