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Responsive Team Profiles with Social Links Free For Bootstrap

One problem is if the profile info or name is longer the second row shuffles over and leaves blank space. the DIV height is not uniform.,hello, nice job. one questiopn (newbie level i guess)if i choose to resize the image to be displayed, the hover effect will cover the whole column and thus overlaps the image itself. how do i manage to adapt the css properly? thx a lot,Good Job!,Hello – For me Facebook, Instagram pics are not loading. Where can I find the css code for following fa fa-facebook.,That’s font-awesome,op, you’re going to have to change placeholders, place.mi have had there data usage limited by siteground.,I see. Sometimes it looks broken.,Thanks,HelloNice jobbut I Have a question,Why if I resize the monitor window in the PC I see a big image (only one)I test also on IPADonly one big pic when I suppose that is possible to add 2 team profile for each line,how can I manage it with bootstrap?,Just by adding additional classes or changing the classes can do the same for specific windows.,Like the total columns are 12 for a window.,If you need 2 profiles per small screen, Please add a class .col-sm-6 to all profile items and that will do the resizing.,Thanks,Amazing job!,Thank You,Nice one..Impressive,Thanks,great work (y),Thank You,Good.. I really like it ..,Thank You,The author is nabeelkondotty

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