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Responsive Moving Box Carousel

Able to add the Page 1of 3?,Thanks.,Thanks for this great template! Is there missing in line 173 in the html file?,,Super well done… especially the considerations for how it sizes at tablet and mobile smaller sizes and still scrolls well. kudos!(and thanks!),there is a bug, is covering all divs,there is a bug, “a data-slide” is covering all divs,Here is the same snippets which i have used in my website just check it out,every box are set as perfect but its not moving .. I think the jquery is not working there… give me some solutions,actually, its not moving even i did past the js code into inline script,awesome,How do you download this code? I’m new to this website,I copied the code linked the html page to the style sheet and js but it comes out all wrong :(,Great Snippet. Just a quick note. The tag is missing on the next pager item (line 173).,How can I AutoRotate stop in this script ?,Notice how it bumps down after it finished shifting left or right?,The ul tag causes this. Simply add this to fix it:,ul.thumbnails { margin-bottom: 0px;},in addition to it, to center it add:,ul.thumbnails { margin-bottom: 0px;padding: 0;},Saint Maclou, evidemmeennnnt !!,why always my JS code dont want to work ??,did you include jquery files in your page ?,The author is mubarakcc7

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