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hello,Hi my name is Bib I wanted to use your code for a project of mine and when i copied your code I found a bug, the buttons at bottom used the a same class the well component in bootstrap which then interferes with the css you add to the button so I recommend that you change the name of the well class to something else.,most snippets on here are generic. you may change the class names to whatever you please.,Hi Ishwar my name is john i am new in programming i saw this bootsnip site .. and i want to know how to use this .. but i dont know how to start i copy the html fragment and run it .. but i did not get the result like yours can you teach how to use it step by step use use bootsnipp design please for my school project,Can someone put in one folder and arrange it so i can know it how it goes …. please,Beautiful,profile style twitter please,Beautiful Snippet!,thanks,The author is ishwarkatwe

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