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Panels with nav tabs

anyone here can you help plzi want to ui tabs rotate,That is Called Vertical Tabs. Search For Vertical Tabs.,Thanks,hello,How can I change the border radius nav-tabs? I don’t want to use the default style from bootstrap, I want to tweak border-radius to 0px. Please how to do that??,There is a bug on this, if you put another tabbed panel inside another, it inherits the menu collors of the parent object, instead of using the collors from itself.,how can we pull the list of open tab titles?,Hi everybody, Do you know how to make this nav tabs with drop up button in footer, so the panels will be open to the top? Thankx for advance,This is what I had been looking , finally can also…,to add 2 different drop down into the 2 tabs panel content, if i select 2nd tab’s drop down list item it will returns to the 1st tab ? can anybody please help me out to resolve?,there isn’t any js code! how can it work?!,Bootstrap has built in JS libraries, that’s also how modals work just by adding `data-toggle=”modal” data-target=”#myModal”` to an element.,and how would you add a title to those panels?,nevermind, I see there is another example with this….,This is just html + CSS, how does it not work for me?,how to download it?,If you are registered and logged in, you will see a cog wheel that you can click and download the snippet from this page.,how to download it?,In the (latest) chrome there is a subtle line (border-bottom) on the active tab…. but not always, when you scroll only,Can I use form with tab?,How to still add a title?,Thank you served me well,Thank you very much! It’s very useful for my works.,Thanks. It’s amazing,Nice work. Thanks. May be redundant tag </span> at line 21, 49 etc.,Nice work! There’s a weird closing span element on each panel though?,Thanks for sharing ;),Very awesome!,These are nice!,Great work!!,The author is Murkee

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