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Panel with tabs

make it responsive if you can. heading and tab are colliding.,How increase the Panel width( i need to have 6-8 tabs) and to keep it in center.,responsive is not working 🙁 i need it please help me,Thanks for create this panel with tabs, but i have a question.Under the tabs exists a space, I don’t get remove it.What I do it?,Remove “bottom: 30px;” from the CSS :),Ok, bottom was removed, but the problem continued.I get resolve changed pull-right in span for:.pull-right-tab-panel{ float: right !important;margin-bottom:-30px;},Could you create a snippet with the problem and I’ll take a look at it?,Thanks a lot! :)Maybe make a vertical version?,- Best Regards,How do you change the size of panel? I needed a bigger panel. :(,got it! Thanks anyways! :),This is very awesome. Thank you. How can one make the tabs slide, please?,Hey man! mind a quick help here? I just copy&paste the code but not seems to work at all… I mean, the tabs are there, but when I click in any other tabs, it won’t change… like, i’m in the tab1 and want to change to tab2… is not working…. I added a script src linking to “bootstrap.js”, but no success at all… what else I need to do?,Cheers =),i have used your tabs in my project, came here to say thanks for the wonderful snippest,Thanks! :),Awesome to hear! Enjoy!,Very Nice! Works perfectly.,Thanks for this wonderful snippets. But I have a problem, I cant change to other tabs. I m quite sure that I use bootstrap in order to run this. Everything is fine, the design, the layout, my only problem is I cant change/click other tabs. Please help,Hey, does it work fine on bootsnipp? (On this site?) if yes, your bootstrap is not correctly installed.Try to move the Javascript includes to the header, right after the <link rel=””> of bootstrap. (This often fixes almost every problem.),That solve the problem! Thanks Cyruxx for this great snippet!,never works for me… NEVER,Hello Alex, in order to fix your problem please indicate why id didnt work, also what did you do so far to fix the problem. We are here to help you. :),What exactly does not work? I’ve tested it on multiple OS and two different browser until now.. It works fine!,Can you make the same functionality with PILLS ?,They look almost exactly like pills – or what do you mean?,These snippets never seem to work for me…,I’d like to see which snippets exactly don’t work and what’s going wrong? Could you point me to an example?,Actually this is the snippet example I’ve sent.…,Here is an example Max of a different snippet – http://lindseycholmes.posta…. I tried this one too but I know the previous worked for a minute and then stopped working which was feedback that a few users gave about a couple of the snippets. I just tried Cyruxx’s snippet Friday so unsure if it would have worked… ,Can you explain in more detail please? What are you doing? Keep in mind that these snippets are for Twitter Bootstrap HTML framework, they will not work on their own, you do need Bootstrap CSS to be loaded first. Let me know more details what you do.,I think she does not use bootstrap :),I do use Bootstrap Cyruxx. is on the bootstrap framework. :),What exactly is not working for you?,I wrote Max above Cyruxx. Thanks for creating amazing snippets.,I don’t think allows you to have HTML in the content, therefore I don’t think you can just insert any of the snippets directly into your posts there.,This particular snippet worked before. I am working with them to find a fix now. Thanks so much for your help.,An example is for use on my site. It runs on bootsrap. Plus some of the snippets worked at one point and then one day they didn’t. ,The author is Cyruxx

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