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Open in chat (popup-box chat-popup)

good piece of work..source code please,Thanks :),This is really nice. I’m working on a project at the moment that this will work well on. Thank you.,Thanks,Thaaaaaank you thank you thank you thank you!,PS: Best chat bots being made at,how can i get source code,veere wadiya coding kithi eh.keep it up!!!,Thanks :),one question though, how do i implement a minimize button on this such that when i minimize it, the chat popup closes but when i click on the Open in chat icon, it opens back with thesame session of chat?,Very nice.., I’ve been searching for this for weeks, I’m going to try implementing something similar on my project…, thanks for creating this sir.,please how do i create a complete chating website,Hi everyboby, someone can tell me how do a right message please ? thx,How does this actually work?,This is so cool, am i free to use this in a project?,please give me details ,how can i get source code,Yes Yes no problem :),Thanx, thats so cool,very great.,Thanks,nice,Thanks,The author is Gurdeep Osahan

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