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Navigation Sidebar with Toggle

Awesome it’s simple and functional, thanks for sharingBrowse web site,hi there i like to understand how page expand and stretch while make menu toggle.,Didn’t work for me :(,Can someone share a download link for this?,Hi!, It is posibble to add submenus to the Sidebar?,How can you make the side bar scrollable? i tried adding bottom:0; top:0; but doesn’t seem to work.( i have a top nav bar as well);,define height for the ul element and overflow scroll property,How can i repeat the current state of the sidebar (collapsed or not) to the other page? when i click to a link i want that the sidebar state is the same of the previous page. I have read that i can use jquery cookie, how?,There are two ways for me….use ajax to refresh the content without change the page so..the sidebar will retain the state…or pass a get parameter,through the link the new pages …will read the get parameters if exist.. someone special that will make the magic,can anyone tell me how to use this sidebar nav ?,entire sheet becomes dark and when i use the toggle a part of the sheet is seen? what is the reason,very interesting, cant wait to try it out,Awesome it’s simple and functional, thanks for sharing,Question.. where do the ‘page-content’ and ‘inset’ styles come from? They’re not in the provided css. Thanks.,Nevermind. It wasn’t working for me and I thought those classes were responsible. But I found the real problem.,Why does the side bar not work correctly in IE for me, but if I use this bootsnipp site, or your website it does work? I know I’m missing something, but I’m scratching my head…,Oo I see what I did, sorry for the quick post: I had changed the class from active, to inactive – to test starting the menu out hidden on the page load. It actually worked for Chrome, but when I loaded in IE, it was broken.,Doesn’t work in other theme, how I fix?,In which theme?,Lumen,I still see it working but alignment of the icons is not the best. Is that what you see as well?,Amazing and beautiful i have just one question…i had been playing around whit it, but i still dont know how to make it hide all automatically when is less than 767px… if someone knows, them please some help!!!:. thanks a lot..,ok..just done!!:.. i just remove the active class from the sidebar-wrapper div… ¬¬ it was simple… but sometimes take a lot of time to find the simplicity XD..thanks any way!!! great sidebar menu,dude, i just jumped into our CV web-site and i like it very much, it’s simple and nice. well done and thx for sharing, now wona to create something like this aswell))),Nice original one-page site with fixed left menu, thanks for sharing.,The author is animeshmanglik

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