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Navbar brand centered

Congrats! Save my life!,how can I change the order from menu 1 (left), brand (center), menu 2 (right) to brand (left), menu 1 (center), menu 2 (right)?,Hi! I’ve tried to put an image instead of “BRAND” text and unfortunately it appears uncentered… I’ve tried to change margins, display but nothing works really. WOuld you have any workaround? Thank you!,Can I use drop-down menus on the left/right (or both) sides?,Off course, i fixed it… you can look at this example..…,weird…,Please provide more than just a single word.,Why?,can you have the brand name stays the same even it response to smaller screen?,Yeah, sure, i fixed it… you can look at this example..…,Nice :),Thank u!,The author is maridlcrmn

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