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Nav Bar with Popup Sign in

how to download this??,O botão “sign in” não mostra o formulário de login,does not work in IE 9,Doesn’t work ?,I have problem on Google chrome. I hover on “Sign in ” button and after that login form visible.,Even better with JSF, can use partial update/logon to modify the sign in form thus not needing the propagation stopper in javascript :),This doesn’t work consistently for me unless I add this to the javascript $(document).ready – $(‘.dropdown-toggle’).dropdown();,I’m trying to use this with the Social Buttons (…, but the CSS is all screwed up. Anybody else having this problem. Check out for an example.,it seems putting it in the navbar messes things up. You’ll need to adjust the color and padding for the buttons that are in .nav class.,This snippet is not compatible with ie8 or less. I dont know about ie9+. Not even with the css3mediaqueires.js loaded.,Hi Bhaumik, Thanks for making this available to us. Was wondering if you have any idea on how to make this look modal, even though it is not. I will like to focus all user attention on the login screen and fade everything else until that is done. would appreciate any help in getting that done.,So I’m trying to incorporate this into my Rails 4 application but the drop down does’t seem to work. When I click on the Sign in button, the drop down doesn’t appear. I appended the CSS to my custom.css.scss file and I added the JS to application.js. Is there something I’m doing wrong?,Try adding this to the JS $(document).ready $(‘.dropdown-toggle’).dropdown();,nnmm,nmn,Did you add bootstrap.js in javascripts folder??,Can someone create a Drop-up menu for the footer?,I did one, snippet is awaiting moderation. :),Thank you Bhaumik! :),The author is BhaumikPatel

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