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hi all!how can i download the code and makeit fully work??? what libaries do you use?,thanks in advanced,Thank you for your code. Is most interesting for my and community.,How do i download the full source code?I only can see the HTML and CSS but can’t see the library like Js and other used on the proyect.,not responsive at phone resolution. Please update accordingly,Its a shame that it isnt responsive, looks really bad on smaller screens,Feel free to make it better!,Good code. i used this code along with adding css part. But when i click account that drop down doesnt work. Any idea why,Hola que tal, me gusto tu trabajo, basado en el tuyo acabo de subir uno, gracias por tu aporte !!! :),se muy bueno, pero no es responsive… de todas formas gracias por compartir,Love this! I’ll work to see if I can get this to work on mobile on my side.,Shame it disappears as soon as you click it :(,Thank you very much! AWESOME! :),The author is BhaumikPatel

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