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Multiselect with icons

please you can help me….how create select glyphicon bfh-flag- by currency with condition database mysql.example : in database currency= USD so in option show glyphicon bfh-flag-,thank’s,Does not work when i call the div containing this multiselect, using AJAX. I haven’t made any changes in the script. It works when implemented in a normal JSP Page but it shows the normal HTML version’s multiselect without checkboxes when called through AJAX. Any ideas on what i might be doing wrong?,if for fontawesome or themify icons ?,For Scroll effect add this to CSS file : .scrollable-menu { height: auto; max-height: 200px; overflow-x: hidden;}And Update JS Code Line : ul: ‘<ul class=”multiselect-container dropdown-menu scrollable-menu”></ul>’,,Cool snippet, thx! But I have some questions: is it possible to hide the checkboxes, so that you just see the icons and the options? and how do i make the select-dropdown scrollable?,How would a multi level menu look?,The author is victor-valencia

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