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Multiple fields contact form

There is a problem with the JS code for data-max. I assume it wants to limit the maximum fields to something but fails. To fix this, replace,var countFormGroup = …. ;,with,var countFormGroup = function ($form) { return $form.siblings(‘.form-group’).andSelf().length;};,also, replace,var $lastFormGroupLast = … ;,with,var $lastFormGroupLast = $multipleFormGroup.siblings(‘.form-group:last’).andSelf();,Also, add the data-max attribute to the .mutliple-form-group.,Great Job !!Unfortunately I don’t know javascript but I have two questions:,1. how can I put a limit to the number of fields to be created. I would like to limit it to e.g. 82. Ist there is a possibilty to delete “used option” from selection ? E.g. If phone was already provided “phone” label shouldn’t be available if I add new fields.,Thank you.,Please check out similar snippets on this site, there are some that have the functionality you are talking about :),Thank you could’t find any but I’m focusing on a different solution.Just one question: What does this line says: <input type=”hidden” class=”input-group-select-val” name=”contacts[‘type’][]” value=”phone”>I’m trying to find out this line is acutually used for expected for design purpose .,Hi guys,Recently I did use this snipped, thanks a lot for it!I’d like to notice one issue in JS code, after line #16 you should paste,$formGroupClone.find(‘.input-group-select-val’).text(‘phone’);,Otherwise newly created inputs comes with empty type. Also I did my own parser for php side, it is very simple and I’d like to share it,,Thanks :),Thanks for this!,I apologize for my English, I write very bad. To work with an I use the function,,спасибо!,any clue on after serializing the form, how to access the values in php side?,Check out the code pasted by @disqus_mTp6jubeuF:disqus above!,I believe you can access the array to retrieve them. What framework/script do you use to retrieve input elements?,The author is maxicms

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