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Modal with jQuery Cookie

Nice article –,Thank you @coskuntekin:disqus for this beautiful snippet!Question: how do you set the checkbox to ‘always’ checked so that when we decide to put 2 buttons with different options then the checkbox must always checked regardless of what button is clicked – skipping the condition whether it is checked or not?,you’r welcome :),I can give you some advice help to your problem.1) You can use {$.removeCookie(‘name’);} for ‘always check’ button, or {expires: (int)} value must be ‘0’2) For ‘skipping button’ also you can use {expires: (int)} example 1 day or 365 day, you decide :),First of all, thank you for this snipp. I want to show this modal only 1 time. How can I set the cookie even if the user click on the close (x) button? Thanks again.,You can change “expires: 1” (js -line : 18) also you can find here (… how to change. Enjoy.,This is very awesome, thanks bruh,If I was to update content in this, how would I reset the cookie or make a new one? Just changed “my_cookie”?,You can change “ID” ( <div class=”modal fade” id=”myModal”>) and also you can chnage “my_cookie”. If you want debug or viewing your page you can use `private window` in your browser.,Happy Coding :),Good look’n out bruh!,ok see you next bootsnipp,The author is coskuntekin

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