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Modal lightbox with like/dislike

hey, great work!,Is there a way to enable a user like just once please?,Looks like it has potential but definitely does not work.,It’s completely broken. CSS and JS are not responding. It needs to be re-worked!,frame jumps while opening the image, cool anyway.,how to insert this file in another html file?,Please resolve the issue js script is not working here we we click on the modal is working in your website but not the same files if taken out so cross check before you put coding solve as soon as possible.its not at all working,not work,not work =(,What exactly ?,plz help mepopup not work,popup…….when click on photo not show in popup,Javascript is not work on hover the window,nice,hi,Why not give Liked icons like?,Hey this is good work you guys are doing. Thanks a milli. How do I download the snippets?,When you are logged in click on the cog wheel when viewing the snippet and you will see the icon to download the snippet!,I got it. Thanks again. :-),Thank you much.,need to add http: to the js script file its an error on the page. great1 Tnx!,Thank you .. save my life !,not work scrip in tag <script>,how to use script? how to write in code?,How can I set persistent likes and dislikes?,You would have to store them in a database…,like it. thanks for the effort,Friend js not work,The author is gutomoraes

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