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Mobile Nav Bar

The dropdown menu (w/ submenu) doesn’t display properly,The sub-menu when you click on MORE disappears after a click. I believe this is a bug,question I used this for example on my browser works fine it also responsive when you make the screen bigger o media screen size but when i open my app on mobile browser it just does not work the mobile menu any idea i’m using spring 4.2 and all my dependencies are include on my deployment assembly resources everything,hi great execution and idea.. one simple question: what has do be done to set the menu sticky on top instead of slide them down if menu opens?,I’ve created 4 level submenu e.g., Top ->Test, Top1->Submenu1->Submenu2->Submenu3, Top2->Test->test,In mobile When I touch Submenu2, it shows options like menu button click that means I am unable to access Submenu3.,Please modify above code for nested submenu (about 4 or 5 level) and check it in mobile.,I’ve got the solution for above problem-bootstrap-submenu-2.0.0…,How can I make the icons visible on desktop view. they’re only showing on mobile display. Thanks in advance,change line 100 to `display: inline`. Be warned you may be required to do more styling to make this look good though.,I may be asking alot….but is there any help on how I can make the icons smaller and also make the fit smoothly until the screen changes to mobile view.,Also, please email me at rmcintosh (at) remabledesigns (dot) com,I hate disqus because I miss many of the request people as for. For example I only noticed this message because I happened to be looking at someone elses.,I would need to see a demo of your site or demo to be able to customize it for your liking.,Great, but, you know why my <li> don’t appear in mobile view?,Its because the Font awesome is loaded from a CDN an you’re trying to load the page offline. The way you can view your icons when you’re offline is to download font awesome (Fonts and CSS) and load them into their respective project folders.,or just add “http:” before the two “/” on the css import. That should also work,.,I would need to see an example to see why this may be happening.,This is simply (IMHO) the most awesome snippet I’ve seen so far on bootstrap navbar. You’re a hero to me!!,Thank you. I think this makes the navbar a lot more useful when on a mobile screen. Please remember to favorite this snippet!,wow, this is great!!,Thank you!,The author is mouse0270

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