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Mix & Match Register

very very nice ragistration form and good design,nice what a little bit of color can do,not very correctly responsive, but good one anyways.,This is beautiful! A perfect contact form for a website created with Bootstrap.Here is my example of use:,…,great work bro,Thanks, I like it,nice I like it,when I click on agree button is change hidden checkbox value?,What if I am already registered? Should I fill just username and password or should I click on “Sign in” to move to the sign in form? It’s not clear… Thanks,Why do I get question sign ‘?’ instead of some icons.?,how to download this script ?,If you are logged in you can click on the Cog Wheel by “Fork This” button and download the whole snippet!,How to Terms and Conditions i agree bridge i agree button?,use some scripts :D,splendid!,There don’t appear to be any labels. Note, placeholders aren’t equivalent to labels from an accessibility point of view.,wow… i am a beginner in bootstrap framework but i find your code very easy to understand… good work..,very nice work… i am using this as a best practice model,Thanks! Glad it’s helpful!,Very nice,The author is ninjamonk

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