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Mega menu with tabs navigation

when i drop down it on click instead of hover and and click on tabs, large drop down get hide.,please tell how to achieve it on click and function properly.,Amezing,Good one.,on mouse over it doesnt work for me.anyone plz help me,Fantastic work..! Thanks,This was very good implementation, thank you —-maridlcrmn.,Thanks, but the submenus kids,women,men,sports doesn’t show for me, any suggestion ?,This isn’t a very good implementation for mobile,Hi Maria, is it possible to contact me ?,How to use multiple navigation tabs for static website.,ANyone tried it on mobile? Doesn’t work well.,i was used this it’s working good, one small change is there ,Very cool,nice one..,Flickers like crazy on Firefox Developer for some reason.,On the first function, change the second stop action parameter to false to fix the menu:,$(‘.dropdown-menu’, this).stop( true, false ).slideDown(“fast”);,Thanks it works.,Thanks, I’ll try this now,Great work thanks,nice work,Beautiful,great menu, looks great! does anyone know where i could get some info on turning this into a WordPress menu??Thanks in advance.,Great work!,Nice work, looking great with so few adds to the code. I will use it!,Very cool.,Great work.. good to use in the e-commerce projects!,Wow, great work here. Looks great for sure 🙂 Favorited ++,Really cool! Thanks a lot!,The author is maridlcrmn

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