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Mega menu with carousel for Stores

really impressive ! thanks lot. one more thing, i wish to add sub-menus for list items inside mega-menu, how to achieve that please reply soon,Great Work!! and thank you.,Hi @maridlcrmn:disqus,Awesome and great work. I have a question. I have been testing the menu and I have a small issue, I filled the menu with many items and happens that the items in the lower part can not being seen in part or at all, I have been touching here and there the css to place a scrollbar in the menu but I have not reached to a possible solution yet. Is there a way to place a scrollbar on this situation?,JB,Hi – great looking menu. Does not seem to be compatible with Bootstrap 3.3.5. Everything looks good, mega menus work beautifully in desktop size. But when I resize browser window to mobile size and click the menu dropdown toggle, nothing happens: the menu items simply don’t show up at all. Installed or linked to bootstrap 3.3.5: bootstrap.min.js, bootstrap.min.css, jquery-1.11.0.min.js. Any suggestions? Note: I did add other menu items. Copied the first <ul> under the first dropdown div <ul class=”nav navbar-nav”> several times for the links needed. Tags closed? Check.,Outstanding work maridlcrmn!,please how can I download it for use in my new website,Hi., Great work !!,one thing i want to know .,how i change the font style for the collection text ??any one kindly help me on this..thanks in advance ..,I’m facing trouble to use this-,Can I get the source files?,Dear , I See Your Work. And Its Good. I Need Your Help If You Don’t Have Any Problem In It.,Currently I Am Trying To Build An HRM Application Using (BRACKET) Bootstrap Admin Theme.,I am Using Arabic Language , So The Menu Is On Right Hand Side.,Is There Any Example Which A Right Hand Navigation Have MEGA Menu ?,Have you seen a 3 level dropdown menu example that looks like the main menu at Does it look like they use Bootstrap and or Jquery?,Fantastic job indeed !!!,Hi! I like it, but is there a way to make another one in one row instead of two, every time I add a <li> to my <nav bar=””> , it would add it in a different row, any comments on this ? Thanks!,I absolutely LOVE this. How can I turn this into a vertical megamenu where it opens out to the right?,Great!,I am unable to download related javascript,hi. I changed “add to wishlist” button but it doesn’t navigate to page I want to go. it navigates to homepage itself. do you know why?,and I used for loop to get sub categories like under dresses category. I am using the mega menu in base.html but only for loop doesn’t work when I open mega menu on different pages, for example add product page. it only works on homepage. do you know why :/ (menu itself is shown in add product page, collection opens but only sub categories don’t appear),Astounding code !,But there’s something i cannot grasp.When I duplicate the mega menu in the same <div>,<ul class=”nav navbar-nav”><li class=”dropdown mega-dropdown”>…,Then the part with the white arrow .mega-dropdown-menu:before {.mega-dropdown-menu:after {,is not working correctly. the arrow still refers to the other mega-menu, not the current,thanks for help,awesome !,Hi, it looks great! Well done!,Is there a way to adapt this for Bootstrap 2 ?,So cool !!,Does anyone know of a menu like this one but made dynamic in WordPress…? If so can you share the code? or any recourse to help.,You would need to make some sort of plugin to achieve this functionality. Look into hiring a freelancer.,Hello,,I like it but I can’t use it in odoo (previously openerp) it seems it’s because it’s bootstrap 3.1 and odoo is 3.2 any idea about how upgrade it?,Thanks,Sylvain,I see in the source code these two lines<li class=”dropdown-header”>New in Stores</li> <div data-ride=”carousel” class=”carousel slide” id=”myCarousel”>,How is this possible?,Anybody else having problems getting this to work on iPhone and Windows Phone? Submenus take a long time to open, long enough for user to think menu isn’t working, and if you remove the carousel, than it doesn’t work at all, it’s alwas hidden. Something is apparently blocking this. On Android it works great.,I have a WP and it works perfectly, can not say the same for the iPhone, can someone please try again and tell me what may be failing?, thanks,This is what I was searching on internet. It make my work easier.,Glad to hear! Enjoy!,This is just what I was expecting… Thank you so much !,This looks great!,Thanks Joshua.,Looks awesome! Great work!,I think it would be pretty cool to put in a < left and right > nav for the carousel. Maybe on the same line as “New in Stores”, pulled-right. Just a thought.,Looks great anyway though.,-Kraymer,Thanks for your comment, I will work on it. I had tried to do so, in fact that was the idea, but if I gave click on the navigation buttons the dropdown was closed and could not display the carousel, now I found a way to make it work but I am very jealous for publication (LOL), wait a few days and I will gladly post.,Greetings.,You can prevent the menu from closing when the carousel buttons are clicked by adding the following jquery script to your page to intercept the click, and manually calling the event to move slider., $(‘.carousel-control.left’).click(function () {, event.stopPropagation();, $(‘#myCarousel’).carousel(‘prev’);, });, $(‘.carousel-control.right’).click(function () {, event.stopPropagation();, $(‘#myCarousel’).carousel(‘next’);, });,Great Snippet!,I am having this same issue on your snippet here;,…,MegaMenu closes when trying to use carousels inside dropdown. I used the code above and changed #myCarousel to #menCollection. MegaMenu still closes on click of next or previous.,What am I doing wrong?,thank u so much !!,The author is maridlcrmn

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