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Mega menu slide down on hover with carousel

having some dude talking and not being able to turn it off is about the dumbest thing ever tho,Amazing,Can anyone pls advise how can i add these Mega Manu slide hover with carousel in my wordpress website? i will be grateful to all for valuable advise… thanks a lot.,Can anyone pls advise how can i add these Mega Manu slide hover with carousel? i will be grateful to all for valuable advise… thanks a lot.,its nice but its not overlapping the body i can see button over the drop down menu,WOW Good One ,, Thanks,when i click on the men ,women dropdown isn’t working what’s the problem with it?please help me,A bit late question. Is it possible to adjust the menu height ? currently the height is set to 50px. And unable to decrease the height from 50px. Please advice.,how this mega menu in mobile.. what this responsive ?,I want to use mega menu in existing menu, but I have problems because this taking css inherited.,How do the blue menu open as the post menu.,Example:,Code:,That was the best menu.. but I’m afraid it was not perfectly responsive design.,the dropdown menu does not cover photos and buttons…..what to do?,what order do you follow??? considering that there are the three codes,if you have any problem understanding here is a complete tutorial…,it’s hover on drop down does not work on window re-sizing without reloading page and i need toggle the drop down mega menu on small gadgets, can you please fix it?,Please, can you help me how to integrate this menu to a wordpress theme?,now i can go home.. job done,I just copy Html , Css , js and past css and js in new file for each all and drag , drop it in html page and put jquery.js file but it not work , pls any one can help me ?,Just save as this page and see in ‘Code Snippet Mega menu slide down on hover with carousel using HTML CSS Bootstrap jQuery _ Bootsnipp.com_files’ folder, there is a file named ‘saved_resource.html’, here is whole css, html and js…,on this menu,”Mega menu slide down on hover with carousel”mobile view not display properly so please help me how can manage that ?,Hello it is really great , i just want to add a sub menu and make it multi level , so any help please,Great, thanks for sharing.,nice but experience is awkward in responsive mobile version.,Yea.. thats what I thought.,hello maridlcrmn. i just started learning bootstrap so i found your snippet, i want to just understand how to link the add to cart to cart.,very beautiful but how ca I center the menu items men women store locator,It’s nice but it doesn’t work for me on a mobile device: the men and women menu won’t open when hovering or sometimes they will but the content starts jiggling and the whole thing is unusable. Is it just me ?,:D if you want to work on a mobile device , you should try to replace “400” to “fast” in JS . It works for me.,There’s a reason Bootstrap chose for the click-method instead of hover. This snippet ignores that choice. You can change the JS to use the `.on(‘click’, function(){…})` instead of `.hover()`.,Hey Ken,,I know you posted a year ago–but any insight on how to get the carousels (next) and (previous) within the dropdown to work after changing the event to onclick? onclick works great but unfortunatley the next click closes the menu.,So, anyone knows how to change the JS so it will still hover on desktop en will be clickable on mobile devices???,No, it’s not just you. The dropdown menu doesn’t open to display the list of top-level menu items once I size a browser window to a mobile screen size. Snippet looks good here, but while it does display the top-level menu items in dropdown, when you click on any one of those, its list of links fails to open. I’ve tried in Chrome & Firefox, latest versions. Frustrating, so it seems like this one isn’t fully baked yet. I look forward to when it is!,:D if you want to work on a mobile device , you should try to replace “400” to “fast” in JS.,Best mega menu for Bootstrap I’ve ever seen!,is there anyway to decrease the sub-menu drop-down time? I increased the ‘400’ (time I think), in the js file but it didn’t change anything. This is a great menu as is, however I would really like to be able to slow down the drop-down time if possible.Great menu, thanks for sharing!,The value should not be surrounded with double or single quotes.In this case just remove double quotes and change the value to your desired value.,$(document).ready(function(){ $(“.dropdown”).hover( function() { $(‘.dropdown-menu’, this).not(‘.in .dropdown-menu’).stop(true,true).slideDown(1000); $(this).toggleClass(‘open’); }, function() { $(‘.dropdown-menu’, this).not(‘.in .dropdown-menu’).stop(true,true).slideUp(1000); $(this).toggleClass(‘open’); } );});,Please can someone tell me how I can download the source code,You can download this snippet resource once it is marked as featured. They have not yet updated the page but I already submitted.,Just copy the code between html, css and js tabs, create a html file, a css and js file and paste in each file, save and link the css and js in html file.,Hi, when I try this , I see menu rendered vertically instead of horizontally. what im missing here ?,Great snippet, thanks for sharing.,The author is maridlcrmn

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