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Material Design Switch

If the html is fixed it works, but if I inject html asynchronously (li elements to the ul) it does nothing, any idea why? Thanks in advance. ,What do i do to keep the toggle on/checked on page load. Like if an option is yes/selected i want the switch in on position when the page loads and off if its not selected.,You have to set the “checked” property on the input.,very nice , thanks.,Not Working Please Help me,<script> $(‘body’).on(‘click’,’.chk’,function(event) { var flag;if(this.checked){var stt=confirm(“Are You sure you want to perform this action??”);if(stt){$(this).attr(“checked”,true);flag=1;}else{$(this).removeAttr(“checked”);}}else{var stt=confirm(“Are You sure you want to perform this action??”);if(stt){$(this).removeAttr(“checked”);flag=0;}else{ $(function(e){ //e.preventDefault(); e.stopPropagation(); $(‘.toggle:after’).css(‘left’,’15px’); //$(this).attr(“checked”,true); $(this).is(‘:checked’) });,}}}); </script>, <label> <input type=”checkbox” class=”chk” checked=””/> </label> ,console.log( $(obj).prop(‘checked’) );,Is there any way to “uncheck” the switches when one is “checked”? Example: When Default is checked, I want to “uncheck” all the others.,Any extra Libraries should be included to make it work??,I’m trying to get the value of this checkbox using jQuery $(‘#someSwitchOptionPrimary’).val() But this code ALWAYS return me value ‘on’… so I wonder what’s going on and have anybody else also seen this problem?,$(‘#someSwitchOptionPrimary’).is(‘:checked’),This totally works. Thanks a lot!,Yeah, sorry for the short reply, I was working and didn’t have time to explain. Glad you got it working.,I have added this in a tabs.It works with first tab not the other tab,Hey.. This code is great. Can I use this in my project ? What kinda license does this port with ?,the code is perfect!,I like this. Would like to use it in a site where we are pushing the values in to use these in a checklist fashion. However, the input and label are being kicked down a line, they are not lining up with the text in the list-group-item. I just can’t work out the issue, would you be able to provide a pointer please?,if you can email ([email protected]) me I would be happy to help. I am not quite sure what you are trying to do some images of the code and what is happening would be useful. Or access to a demo site would be perfect.,Sorry for the delay. I had it tucked inside a card-block in bs-4 alpha and there was a padding I just kept skipping over.,Great snippet, thanks!,Nice!!,Nice great work, here’s another way to create buttons using materials…,How can I get the value for whether checkbox is switched on or off into another page using PHP?,It is just a fancy looking checkbox. You would use the checkbox value of “true” or “false”,yes!! I want to determine the value into next page using PHP.,Assign a name and a value=1 to the input tag.,For example “<input id=”someSwitchOptionDanger” name=”my_checkbox” value=”1″ type=”checkbox”/>”,Then in the PHP code:,,Damn it, no tags:,if($_POST[‘checkbox’] === 1){ // Is checked.},Thanks! man,Not really sure what this actually does.,It should turn a checkbox into a toggle like the ones you see on android devices. If you are just seeting a checkbox on the right hand side, what browser are using and what version is that browser,very nice snippet – thanks,Wow, great job. Thanks for sharing!,The author is mouse0270

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