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Magnifying Glass for Images

I am using ASP.NET, when using modal does not work, could anyone help?,Excellent! Great Work!,Wow,Simply awesome, Huge thanks to share :),Really Nice Tanks …Great Job.,One of my favorite effects, thanks!,manliest man alive. period.,Simply clever ! Check… to see it in use !,Very Good , Cool I like it Thanks,It would be nice if this worked with the iPhone too. Right now I can’t ‘zoom in’ with my phone.,really coollllll……………….,great job mate however when you try to intergrate it with other css like… it would be awesome it it worked with that,Thanks everyone. Mario: Danke für den Kommentar. Ich bin auf mehr funktioniert. Dieser kann den deutschen Rechtschreibprüfung eher als Englisch geändert werden.……,Mr. M.’s Tools: Validator, Spell Check and Link Checker- I just submitted it as a featured snipp.,Echt tolle Arbeit! Danke,Really Cool!!!,I can’t wait until I come with something that I can use this for!,Great work!,Good ;),The author is mrmccormack

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