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List Grid View

Completly amazing.,i want to automatically generate this list/grid view based on the search result,Guys i want to automatically generate this based on the search result from the database in c#,is it possible to add pagination to this snippets ?,How can I make this responsive so images are arranged in a column on mobile devices?,Hello guys,,do you know how I can fix this portfolio to be only displayed as a list?,Thanks :),Thanks for the code! Working well so far. Now just hacking it up so it only works half as well,Great Preview, how can I apply the same concept in, but with content from the database,Hey did you ever find a solution to this?,It’s not working well here. Click the below link please,Seems like you are using Bootstrap 2 on your demo pages. This snippet is for Bootstrap version 3 so it wouldn’t work with your page unless you update Bootstrap to version 3.,Thank You brother. It’s working better than previous.,How would you default to list view on mobile?,I am getting an error where floats are not being cleared properly.,e.g.,u can a min-height for the items,the caption from thumbnail is visible only for the last row of the grid. on chrome,I do not agree. – Works fine on Chrome Version 31 – OS: Windows 7 Professional,don’t work on my firefox on Ubuntu.,I agree.Don’t work on firefox on Ubuntu.,add this jquery to #grid.onclick event. $(‘#products .item’).addClass(‘grid-group-item’);,how and where do i add that code,, when i click its not responsive,Thanks for support, now resolve this issue.,I confirm its works now ;)Thanks,The author is BhaumikPatel

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