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Like Hangout Chat

awesome,wow, good job overwriting core classes making this useless,Nice,How can i make it responsive ?,I want to close the box by default how to do this please suggest me,Hi, I can’t get the minus to work properly…,thank you so much this is amazing. html, css, is so simple and easy to use…and it looks slick as hell,great work man love it! :),it’s totally useless and gotta be deleted from bootsnipp. this is the worst snippet that I ever seen on this website. Sad but true.,lmao please back up your answer :/,Please advise on how to auto scroll to the last post when hitting submit. Thanks in advance.,I am also looking for this..,$(‘.msg_container_base’).scrollTop($(‘.msg_container_base’)[0].scrollHeight);,Suuuuperb (clap),Tem como ele já vim fechado ?,Da uma olhada no Link-> view-source:…,Font da pagina, Copia e cola na pagina.,Very Good Tutorial,The author is SrPatinhas

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