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Light-weight spinner indicator (ASCII)

Thanks for feedback. I switched to standard ASCII, should work everywhere. I tested on Mac / Linux and iPhone / Android. (buttons not working on Android thought – I’ll work on that). I added my FontAwesome snippet link.,Thanks for feedback. I switched to older ASCII characters – should work now. I tested on Mac/Linux/iPhone. on Android, buttons are not working. But it should “spin” on all platforms / browsers.,Thanks!,None of these work in chrome btw.,What platform? Win or Mac?,Chrome 33 on Win 7 and Mac. Not sure that’s a bug, but Chrome has issues rendering some unicodes, looks like it depend on font-family. Take a look here… they use a custom font to show the correct character but pay attention to “search result”, shows the square when font-family is “Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”. I guess the problem could be an unhandled fallback when the font-family doesn’t have the requested character.Chrome 33, FF 26 on Linux Mint 15 (Ubuntu 13.04) and IE on W7 they work ok,Thank you for that detailed report, maybe a solution is to specify a font that is most likely to be on any platform?,Not sure. In the past I solved similar situations by detecting OS and browser and replacing characters by images, but I think an elegant and crossplatform solution is setting a font (as a gliphicon font) containing the desired chars/icons.,Yeah I was thinking of that too, would be nice to see some of the icon fonts implement this feature, could make some really loading indicators that way. Thanks for your feedback!,cool :),Doesn’t show anything for me either. (Running Chrome on Debian Wheezy.),Doesn’t work: XP x86 – Opera 21, Firefox 27 ( shows hexa value of character? ), Chrome 33,>It doesn’t show any indicator.. — Which OS, and Browser and versions? I’ve tested in Safari, FF, Chrome.. it should work, nothing fancy or too new here. Please advise, I will fix it. thanks Rob,Chrome on android shows nothing either. Will test from desktop and advise,It doesn’t show any indicator…,The author is mrmccormack

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