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Large Dropdown Menu

With dropdrown-menu as position:static is complicated for making dropdown center,How to use tab section in this mega menu?,It is not working with Bootstrap 3.3.4. Can anyone resolve this how to make it work?,How can I enable vertical scroll if page is shorter than menu??,I used this menu and placed PHP Code to generate my menus’s for me !,see Link for image if my issues –…,The area marked with red is where the second row of menu items are supposed to be and nothing ?,there are four sets of menus below what is visible now that are just disappearing into nothingness,i used the standard menu as per the sample above,Any help appreciatedThank youSam,you saved my deadline thanks :D,works fine! but try this .dropdown-menu-large { /*margin-left: inherit;*/ left:inherit; margin-right: 16px;padding: 20px 0px; } to better alignment 🙂 thx!,it is great! however, how do you deal with the dropdown list in the right corner?,how can i open collapse able menu under any link which expand more child but on click ….,Excellent job!! thanks!,Hi there, after opening the large menu, can I set the mouse click event not to close the toggle when click in the air (click nothing).,Use Javascript for margin left,$(document).ready(function (){$(‘.dropdown-menu-large’).css({‘margin-left’: $(‘#mega_drop_holder’).position().left});});,$( window ).resize(function() {$(‘.dropdown-menu-large’).css({‘margin-left’: $(‘#mega_drop_holder’).position().left});});,can any one tell me,how can i get only dropdown menu,not navbar…help me plzz,me too,for dropdown check our this,<ul class=”nav nav-tabs”> <li class=”dropdown”> Dropdown <ul class=”dropdown-menu”>, </ul> </li></ul>,nice menu drop-down thanks,Is there one that works with Bootstrap 2?,This is great, but I need this with mouse over to open sub menu. Does anyone knows how to convert it?,.dropdown:hover .dropdown-menu { display: block; },Great done! Is it possible to make the large menu match container size?,Does anyone have an example page with menus on the left and right and of different sizes? If I remove columns from the menu the positioning is wrong.,Thanks alot!,Great !!!,This is awesome! Thanks!,Great solution, what i really needed, but i really wish it adopts the location acroding to the navbar possition.,Set .dropdown-menu{left:inherit},The author is diglog

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