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jQuery Checkbox Buttons

This model will no longer work in new browsers as exactly above. If the input field is styled display:none; browsers will not submit the field value.Instead the inputs must be styled Visible:hidden; position:absolute;We used this on our site and IE began omitting the hidden checkbox fields in September 2014, now the latest release of FF/C/S are doing the same.,Really nice! How can I make this work with Radio, please help!,i want select only one checkbox in a group, How could it?. Thanks,I have a problem. After Javascript append new checkbox. The new button won’t change state after clicked. But all the style look fine.,very cool ;),nice,Thanks!,I have recreated my situation:…,Hi Travis, would you please make an example show me how to append new checkbox with your functionality? My new appended checkbox are broken.,It’s not working because you’re using multiple ID’s with the same value.,Hello Travis and Alex, finally what was the solution ? (because its the same for me), thanks in advance,The author is travislaynewilson

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