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Input File – Popover Preview Image

the console is telling me that popover is not a fuction can somebody help me please ?,this isnt working for me,this is not working…,i want upload multiple images and pdf documents what can i do ?,I try set static value input with image when document is ready.I have problem with image, I don’t see the image when onhover action on input.,$( document ).ready(function() { // Create the preview image,$(“.image-preview-input-title”).text(“Zmień”);var file = “image.jpg”; $(“.image-preview-filename”).val(file);$(“.image-preview-clear”).show();img.attr(‘src’, file);$(“.image-preview”).attr(“data-content”, $(img)[0].outerHTML).popover(“show”); });,,can anyone help me, i m not getting preview and clear button? what link do i need to include the jquery file.,when the Clear button is emerged this button is not at the same line as other tags so it moved little bit down. anyone can help me on this,to good but we want to show image in page after select any image, do I put the image preview above filename?,ok, I did it myself.thanks for your awesome snippet :),how do you do that?thanks.,How can you ? can you help me about this?,it’s awesome previews,Nice one…please solve if we are using this with bootstrap forms the Browse and Clear buttons are not inline they are misplaced,If I insert this snippet twice on the same page while being in two different form when I go to upload a photo in one opens the preview also in the other, I think it is a problem of javascript . How can I fix ?,how to post this image to php and what name i isset that !!!!,it depends on what PHP framework you are using (if any, like Laravel, Slim, CodeIgniter, etc). Or are you using plain PHP?,Didn’t worke fr me … the design is ok , comes but once i upload image nothing happens !,its not working at all… after choosing a file, there is no file info in the field and the popup box is not there as well.I just copy and paste directly. What’s wrong with that?,What browser are you using?,its nice but its not work all browsers 🙁…,Really like this approach!,To bad that this is only for 1 image, not multiple files. I have to be honoust that this is nice :),How can i publish my changes for multiply files input ?,Check out… for some really powerful AJAX file uploader. Also my book explains usage of this plugin in detail.,Multiple files it’s more complicated, this snippet is for one image at time.,Classy, but why no submit button ?,ok, it’s not possible to add the submit button, but it’s quite simple add it to your form, just read the comments inside the html, if you need some help send me an email, regards.,I wanted to keep it simple, create only one input for the user, but you’re right, i need to add an example with a form and I’ll add a button to send it, thank you very much for your comment.,Actually, please do not put the submit button because this might overload the server with file upload requests… Thanks for the great snippet!,nice, but the popover should appear on rollover. I can’t see it again once it’s closed.,It’s so great that you mentioned this, i’ll include it in this fragment, thank you very much.,The author is iosdsv

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