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Inline Navbar Search

Line 49 in the HTML has a minor typo in it, just after ‘margin-right: 35px’ you have used a ‘,’ (comma) instead of needing to use a ‘;’ (semi-colon).,Not working for BS 3.3.2. When I click the button search, no event show.,Not seem a good snippet, a incredible big js and css for a simple thing like this,It is not working in any of the web browsers. I am using bootstrap 3.3.2. Please help,there is a bug. the search bar bounces to the right when you change the theme and it did it when i took it and modified it. I figured out the issue but I can’t figure out where the bug is in the code to fix it for mobile because it’s not collapsing the way it should,Nice! How To Modify For Firefox? Only working in Chrome…,The author is Siraj

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