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Information Card

if you need any category website just click blew link,yo great, i like the looks of it, but when disappearing the user’s infos go briefly to the top then drop down…,nice work man,thx,This snippet is great! Thanks a lot!,How can I put 4 profiles in the same line? Cheers!,You would just have to change the col-sm-6 to col-sm-3 and col-md-3,Hi Great Snippet! Checkout my version 🙂…,The link seems to be broken.,Very nice snippet! I have a question though, why is every class prefixed and suffixed with braces (“[ ]”)?,oh it is something I started to do to keep track of different class groups. So if I had a some bootstrap classes and my own missed together it would would look like “[ col-sm-offset-4 col-sm-4 ][ parallax-background white-text ][ wow fadeInLeftBig ]”. This way I can tell which classes are bootstrap, which control the styling and which controls the elements animation. It has been habit for me for the past month or so. I usually remember to remove them before posting the snippet.,Great habit. I will use it also, if there isn’t any privacy concern, lol?,The only thing you have to make sure when doing this is that the (“[ ]”) do not touch any of the class names because (“[col-xs-12 ]”) is not the same as (“[ col-xs-12 ]”),Well and it’s probably not so great if you use [ or ] as an selector.. :P,this would still work, because if you were using (“[ or ]”) as a selector in either CSS or javascript it would be (“.[.or.]”) not (“[ or ]”),Oh Yeah All right :P,The author is mouse0270

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