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Image Gallery with Fancybox

Is it possible to make this work with Bootstrap 4? the grid is not showing right in version 4,I can’t get this to work, i can’t believe this guy would share this wonderful solution and not give a complete project to download. This is what frustrates me about people.,Thank you so muchNice gallery,Hi,,I created this open source script that helps create a gallery based on this design easily.,feel free to customize it and use it.,…,Also I have the problem when I \click on a thumbnail, it just opens the image in the browser, but not in modal. I am using these:,<link href=”…” media=”screen” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>,<script src=”…”></script>,<script src=”…”></script>,<script src=”…”></script>,<script src=”…”></script>,Plz tell me reason why is that some file is work only online server but not work local server like this…,is this funcybox free to use where ever i want or need to buy license?,Hi osman;,You can check here about license document (…,Hi guys;,I updated comment line also you can see step by step how to add image gallery.,When I click on a thumbnail, it just opens the image in the browser, not in modal. What am I doing wrong?,fancybox 1.x does not work with jquery 2.x, i had the same problem.,so you just used old jquery?,make sure jquery is loaded as first, had same problem, or conflict,It could be that jQuery is not loaded and that’s why the modal doesn’t work properly.,I think Bootsnipp is the best so far, saving myself so many stress, also this Gallery markup is dope.,Thank you so much, See you next bootsnipp.,Thank you for the nice feedback! Enjoy using Bootsnipp 🙂 Also consider getting a Bootsnipp sticker (check the home page for that).,Can someone Please go through the step.. how can i get this to work!,not working,Please read this comment line “References:…”,I’m getting an error: “[an error occurred while processing this directive]”.,I did everything according to the steps you wrote in the comment I’m replying to. What could be the problem?,would you tell me your jQuery version.,That is because you need to download and install the Fancybox files:…,The author is coskuntekin

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