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Header Curtain Effect

This template is copied by there…,who cares? he’s showing an effect with a demo… would you prefer a blank white and black design demo?,Kinda does matter,copyright and all…,@disqus_cJ9pgED6bD:disqus don’t worry, Start Bootstrap uses a lot of snippets from Bootsnipp and we have worked out a partnership.,Thank you for your support. I didn’t mean to steal anything, is just for practical purpose.,I dunno,would this mean that using this script would mean no copyright laws would be broken if someone like me used it,not a single law (aslong as the video and pictures other than the script are stock and no copyright laws on there terms are broken)?,You can check out the original theme here:…,*Facepalm* Do I look like I didn’t know where that was? Daniel at the top shared the link already,he is in the conversation ffs.,The author is brojask

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