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Group buttons

Very good! Looks clean and professional.Small visual issue in Safari/webkit: The “or” is slightly too high. Not vertically centered. It shoudl line-up with the left and right text labels. Possible?,FYI, it looks better with increased line height. At least for me with current font and weight in Safari6.1.x Seems to depend on font rendering and smoothing etc.,.ui-group-buttons .or::before {…line-height: 1.7;…},suuuperrrr,This saved me and make me look like a pro. I’m grateful to this author & to bootsnipp for making this happen. Thanks,Great! just like Semantic UI.,These are great!,Great, tks =),Does not look so well on brighter backgrounds. :/,Just edit the CSS a bit and it works perfectly.,can you share your new css?,Love this!,This is fantastic. Thank you.,Very unique and useful.,Nice one,The author is BhaumikPatel

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