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Full screen background cover page.

svg background image doesn’t scale well with this technique.. Especially for mobile devices. Can you advice what parameters needs to be tweaked? Thank!,Thanks for the great snippet!,When there is too much text on the page which needs scrolling it leads to the following bugs:,- on Android cellphone we are getting paralleling effect of background image- on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) background image gets enormously stretched – on regular displays it looks fine – background image stays fixed and text just scrolling trough it,I’ve tested with this particular snippet by multiplying <body> content </body> few times…,How can I avoid that bug?,Thanks!,nice!,and Photo source is used? I want to change it !,go to the css and change source in the line,background: url(… no-repeat center center fixed;, and enjoy…good luck,hi,I used this code,But I do not run like you!!!,Execution time Section <h1>Full screen…</h1>Attached to Section <h3>cover</h3> and ul ! Can you help me fix it?,i want to use my web site(,Go ahead and use it!,Superb man. I liked the wallpaper and menu . Can i use it with Container?,Why create custom classes? Why not use jumbotron outside of container to achive the same thing?,its nice usefull…,The author is mrmccormack

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