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Full Clickable Panel Heading

Wouldn’t it be easier to do this?,.panel-title > a { width: 100%; display: block;},;),Woww !! great tipsThank you,What to do if I wanted one of the panels to be slid down (opened) by default?,Hi, anyone now how can I had a cookie for toggle a panel open or close when I change page ?,You would probably use something like… plugin.,Yes, but I don’t now how can I do what i want…,Great snippet, thanks! I had a few troubles with nested panels and found this worked for me:… I actually wanted to add this to your code as a pull request (as implied by the fork option) but a far as I can tell I can’t do that… Thanks again for sharing,Hi Lewis! I have same problem with nested panels.. how did you do it? The link you gave doesn’t even work for 1 panel.. Could you help? :),Nice one! I was looking for this. Is it possible to use Collapse function instead of SlideUp/Down ?,The author is BhaumikPatel

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