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Floating Labels in 3 lines of jQuery

I’ve crested it , whe the page goes to the server and back with some informations on form , the floating label is still hidded.,$(‘form’).find(‘[data-toggle=”floatLabel”]’).each(function (ev) { if ($(this).val()) { $(this).attr(‘data-value’, $(this).val()); }});,Hi , please , can you help me to make it work on ie8? the label dont go up when I input some text message on input text filed.,I have the same problem . IE8 . I’m trying to fix it, but still not progress. Anyone help?,@mouse0270:disqus.,so so so helpful and beautiful,sorry if this is a stupid question, but why do you put the classes inside brackets ( [ ] )? Haven’t noticed that before and wondering if it has a particular purpose? thanks! And I love these! :D,It is a css coding habit I have. Basically each style sheet gets its own brackets. So it would be something like this,,,The first set of brackets contains classes from bootstrap where the second set of brackets contain classes from my personally style sheet.,Honestly for small snippets of code such as bootsnipp it is hard to get why this help, but when working with a project that has 4-6 style sheets this method really helps keep things clean and organized.,I like that, and certainly see the benefit. I have a project with multiple styles and it does get cumbersome at times. Wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out on some reason code wise 😀 I only pretend to be a programmer, and fairly new to javascript / jquery.,Thanks for the quick reply!,It is PPS not PSS, because PS is post-script so it would be post-post-script.,Good Catch! Fixed,Very Nice !!!,The author is mouse0270

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