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Float Label Pattern Forms

Hi everyone, I’m doing an internship and I need help to config a select box with this float label, but it doesn’t work.,any suggestion?,Thanks for sharing, the placeholder text wasn’t appearing for me in Firefox however if you target the input example: #inp-first_name::placeholder { color: #333 };,I have no tried the listed solution in the comments, but this worked for me.,The text appears now fine :),I cant seem to get any of my floating labels to work i’ve tired a’lot of frameworks now with this one i have gotten closer than the others but on the form it shows the label that is supposed to appear after the user starts typing already any help? fyi this occurs using the exact same HTML, CSS and JS with the commented out lines in the css 2-5,Is there another file I should Include or something that I should change in the existing files?,Thank you! This page / any page that I use this on is crashing on my ipad. It is working fine on my android phone, but cant seem to load it on an apple device. Desktop safari is fine, but ipads/phones is not. Help?,THIS WAS RESOLVED…,Interesting… What version of iPad/iOS do you have? Maybe @travislayne:disqus could help out?,I also need to add select control and date picker also any update on using these 2 components,I love this way of form patterns, apart from input text fields & textarea, i also need to add datapicker and select control using same pattern… any update on this..,me too, did you get it ? I did with a datepicker but I cant solve the problem with a select option :\,This is not working on iPhone Safari because of this issue…,How to move label to above on focus?,What about error messages?,I noticed when I put a background color behind the form the placeholder text no longer appears. Has anyone else encountered the same problem?,Great !,Wow, really great. However there is a bug when using this inside of Tabs. (webkit, maybe also firefox)The Labels will fade size.,did you think about the input of type dropdown list in your code ??????? may be you need to update your code ???,I did think about it, as noted in the alert in the preview, but I have not found a clean way to do this pattern in SELECT fields using only pure CSS. I didn’t want to force the sample to use a third-party plugin to support it.,When, and if, I find a browser-safe solution for SELECT fields, I’ll update my sample.,Travis, check this out!,…,Pure-CSS implementation and works with select-s!,PUT THiS ON GIT !!!,this is awesome..,wow i love it! great job,I really like this, but for some reason the placeholder text isn’t appearing, except for a moment when I start typing. Anyone experience this?,comment lines 2-5 ine css,/* .float-label-control ::-webkit-input-placeholder { color: transparent; }, .float-label-control :-moz-placeholder { color: transparent; }, .float-label-control ::-moz-placeholder { color: transparent; }, .float-label-control :-ms-input-placeholder { color: transparent; }*/,thanks it works,I am facing the same problem on safari 7.0.3, any suggestions?,what browser are you using?,Chrome Version 33.0.1750.152,On Windows?,On OSX 10.8,I’m curious – is your browser auto-filling the fields on load?,it’s not auto-filling on load, no.,good work! cheers!!!,The author is travislaynewilson

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